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by: Mike Roberts | 15/09/2015

.I probably walked 30 miles before each game," he said. The thought of facing "Gino The Giant" unnerved opponents too. Getting sacked by the 6 4, 245 pound Marchetti, Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne once said, was "like running into a tree trunk in the dark.A coal miner son, Marchetti rose to be captain of Baltimore two time world champions (1958 59) and one of the
Cheap jerseys china most feared pass rushers in NFL lore. In 1994, he was one of three defensive ends named to the league 75th Anniversary All Time Team, alongside David (Deacon) Jones and Reggie White. Marchetti played 12 years with the Colts and retired three times. Twice, the team persuaded him to come back. He bowed out for good in 1966 and moved to Pennsylvania to run his fast food empire. He got rich and very fat. Tittle for a loss. (Sun photo by Richard Stacks).I tried to eat and drink everything they were serving in Philadelphia," he said. A heart attack in 1981 spurred him to shed 85 pounds he gained since retirement. Now 83, with

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